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Cozy Web3 Games 2024

As a fan of Cozy Games, I want to share my experience with this category of games, which may not be as well-known in Web3 as competitive AAA Extraction Shooters or multiplayer RPGs. I will explore games that let us unwind after a long day, like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley.

So, if you are looking for something different, I have got good news! I have tried out some Cozy Games on the blockchain. And no, I am not trying to sell any products or services here, like setting up wallets or buying NFTs. I want us to embark on an adventure together and discover what the world of Web3 has to offer in Cozy Games.

What are Cozy Games exactly?

Indeed, the purpose of a pitch deck is to generate interest from the other party and encourage further conversation. It’s important to recognize that the primary objective isn’t always to immediately raise funds, as decisions regarding (significant) investments are often not made during the initial meeting. Your goal is to gain enough interest for a second meeting.

The content of your pitch deck aims to excite investors about your company. Since investors may be unfamiliar with your project, it’s crucial to leave room for questions and interaction, allowing them to delve deeper and gain a better understanding of what you do. Avoid losing their attention early in the pitch by ensuring ample opportunity for inquiries and discussion.

*Please note that this blog is specifically written for new users, not for experts. We’ve tried to position ourselves as inexperienced Web3 users and share our experiences from this perspective.

4. Crypto Unicorns:

Explore an enchanting world where you can harvest and create magical items to strengthen your buildings against the approaching darkness. Showcase the power of your unicorns in thrilling PvP battles and immersive mini-games. Join forces with your tribe members to complete epic team missions and earn valuable rewards. Enjoy captivating mini-games and forge powerful items to enrich your adventure. Step into the world of Crypto Unicorns today and discover a blend of strategy, creativity, and community!

Review Crypto Unicorn:

Crypto Unicorn offers a wide range of activities to enjoy. From lovingly planting and harvesting berries to competitive mini-games. The game immediately caught my attention with its adorable visuals and invites me to immerse myself in the enchanting landscape where Unicorns are farmers.

While the game certainly has highlights, there are some areas that need more attention. One concern is the accessibility for new players. The need to purchase both a Unicorn and a land plot at the beginning seems a bit daunting to me. This could be a barrier for someone seeking a beginner-friendly experience.

Another aspect deserving attention is the game’s structure. Lack of clear instructions at the start led to confusion and frustration, making it difficult for me to understand which actions I could take and what the actions meant for my Unicorn or land plot. Additionally, there is a lack of pop-up notifications about important events, such as theft by a ‘dark unicorn’, which disrupted my control over the game flow.

3. Castaways


Explore and survive on a stranded island, alone or with friends. Use your brains and basic resources to build and create. Meet other castaways, trade, and build a new life together. Become the most advanced island on the global leaderboard!

Review Castaways:

Castaways promises to be an exciting adventure, but unfortunately falls short when it comes to clarity and user experience. At the beginning of the game, you get a nice tutorial on the controls, but afterwards, you’re thrown into the deep end without further guidance. It is not immediately clear what you need to do, and there is a lack of a clear mission to guide you through the game.

The interaction process with non-playable characters and finding essential items, like a rope or a branch, is confusing and requires a lot of trial and error. Basics like crafting a fishing rod are not well explained, so I didn’t experience the enjoyment I had hoped for while playing.

The marketplace on the island offers the opportunity to buy items, but the lack of a pop-up when you don’t have enough money makes it unclear.

Despite its shortcomings, Castaways has potential. The idea of surviving on a deserted island and fishing as an activity certainly offers possibilities for an enjoyable gameplay experience. With more attention to user guidance and clarity in the gameplay, Castaways could better fulfil its gameplay promise and provide players with a better experience.

2. Sunflower-Land


Discover the joy of farming, chopping, mining, fishing, cooking, trading, and crafting in a vibrant community of over 190,000 Bumpkins and collectors.

Review Sunflower-Land:

Sunflower Land is a free farming game that you can play directly in your browser. The concept is simple: you sow crops daily, harvest them, and sell them for in-game coins or use them as ingredients to cook dishes. You can then use these to feed your farmer, earning you XP. By gaining XP, you level up.

The game starts off unclear, placing you on your land surrounded by marked tool items. It’s not immediately clear how to obtain these items. Later, I found out that you first need to sow and sell sunflowers to buy the required tool item. Additionally, finding quests isn’t immediately clear, leading to questions about the possibility of mini-quests or just the progress of the game.

Unfortunately, the playtime of Sunflower Land is quite short, mainly because you have to wait for your crops to be ready for harvesting. This can quickly lose the players’ attention.

Despite some shortcomings, Sunflower Land was one of my favorite games on the blockchain to introduce to people who enjoy Cozy Games.

1. Paradise Tycoon

Paradise Tycoon is an engaging sandbox adventure where you create an unique avatar and begin transforming a modest island into a thriving paradise by managing resources, building refineries and other structures, and customizing your island. In a peaceful, multiplayer world without battles, invasions, or war, immerse yourself in diverse and vibrant environments. This while you complete missions, explore, and collaborate to expand and improve your island.

Review Paradise Tycoon:

This game is not only my favorite, but I am also somewhat biased about it (note: I am a investor into Paradise Tycoon). Let me tell you why this game has captured my heart.

As soon as I started my adventure in Paradise Tycoon, I was greeted by none other than Wally, my personal guide who kindly walks me through the basics of the game. Believe me, that’s a breath of fresh air after the previous mentioned games, where I just had to click and figure out what to do.

No stress, no hassle of immediately having to link a wallet address – just pure coziness from the get-go.

I find the interface clear. I was effortlessly guided and my quests are always clearly displayed. No long waits for items, I could immediately start gathering items and exploring the beautiful island of Paradise Tycoon.

I must admit, if I have to mention a small downside, it’s the day-and-night cycle, which sometimes seems to move faster than the ticking of a clock. I would have liked to see smoother transitions, but let’s be honest, that doesn’t detract from the overall fun of this game.

If you’re looking for an easy introduction to the world of Web3 Gaming, I can’t recommend Paradise Tycoon enough. So slip on your slippers, put on your beach hat, and embark on an adventure in this delightful digital paradise.


In the world of Web3 Gaming, it often seems like we’re losing sight of the most important aspect: why should players be interested in entering the blockchain world? For many people, this is still unclear.

I believe that merely trading skins or having full asset ownership doesn’t make it more appealing to recruit players to play your game.

What does seem appealing to me is that the games currently being launched on the blockchain often are still in the BETA or Alpha phase. This means that as a beginner tester or player, you have influence on the further development of the game.

As a community, you can have healthy discussions about which elements are fun to develop further, which elements you miss in existing games, or what criticism you have.

I understand that developers cannot and may not consider everything. Often, 99% of what players suggest is unrealistic, impossible, or even disrupts the storyline. But it’s important that players feel heard, that they belong to a community. The feeling that they matter. This not only gives players ownership rights over skins or game items but also over how the game continues to evolve.

Additionally, I want to emphasize that it’s often not appealing for players to read through a whole FAQ/Wiki document to understand a game mechanism. This should serve as a sort of cheat sheet. In the initial phase of the game, it’s understandable and necessary, but as the game enters the BETA phase for the public, clarifying the game mechanisms should be a priority.

Many projects make the mistake of assuming that nobody wants to read five pages about how to start a game. Players want to learn by playing. This is also an essential step in determining whether they are ultimately willing to purchase items for the game.

* disclaimer: Our review is entirely based on our own experiences. Additionally, we own in-game items from the discussed games, which we have purchased second-hand or received for free. We strive to be transparent about any benefits we have enjoyed as investing parties, indicated by the word “biased.” However, we are not responsible for any purchases you, as an individual, make based on our blog post. We also do not guarantee profits or profit pay-outs when buying any in-game items.