What we do.

We connect strategy, online marketing, creation and development to funnel new users into your Web3-project and turn visitors into customers.

Search Engine Optimization & Click Rate Optimization

We create unique content and SEO-proof landing pages that boost your search engine-rankings and help you attract more visitors. Visitors, however, need to add value to your project. That’s where our CRO-expertise comes in. By improving your website’s design, rhetoric and customer journey, we turn visitors into customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media presence is essential for the succes of your web3-project. However, managing one or more accounts can be tiring and time-consuming. We unburden you by creating high-quality content and connecting with thought leaders and influencers. We make your socials grow and add value and visibility to your project.

Community Building

Users are the backbone of any successful web3-project. Whether you’ve launched a game, NFT or token – you need to organise the community that surrounds it. This can be hard and demanding work. Phoenix has great experience in moderating 24/7 channels, creating engaging community activities and hosting official events. The combination of Social Media Marketing & Community Building funnels new users towards your project.

Token Value

Tokens are the central pillar of a web3 project. They allow projects to create trust and build a strong long-term ecosystem around its token. Our team specializes in designing tokenomics from scratch and creating innovative recurring token sinks that fits a long term vision and will drive value directly into your token.