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Community is the backbone of every successful Web3 Project. Setting a strong and engagement community will help your project stand out even in the bearmarket!

Become more than a server

The Web3 market is unique and volatile. Providing a friendly and engaging place will allow your project to connect, share information and will help to build trust and confidence in your project. It will be attracting new users and will be a motivation for investors to take a closer look into your project.

Our goal is to create a welcoming and family environment place to be where people can come together to learn about your project and Web3 space. 

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How can you build a community?

Building a community starts with a deep dive into the project and determine what your current community wants. 

Every community is unique and different, consider your target audience and goals first.  



What are the benefits for my project of having an community?

A strong community can lead organic marketing. Help to attract the attention of investors. Build social proof and build trust. It provide valuable feedback and insight suggestions. It help to stay motivated even during a bear-market. 

What is a community manager?

A community manager will be in charge of the community. It manage the moderators that will be maintaining your servers at all time, makes announcements and makes sure your community is a safe place to be. 

How to keep your community engaged?

To keep your community engaged you need to be active in your own server and make sure to respond to questions or comments.

Be transparent with accurate information so your community can trust what you are  building. 

Create a place where your family members would like to stick around. Plan events, games or any other activities to keep them enjoy your community. 

What are the mistakes in building an online community?

The mistakes that projects make when they’re building an online community is they have not enough content to provide value to the community members.  

They wanna grow fast and try to be online on all social platforms. They spam there audience which lead to mistrust. 

Mistake we see in Web3 communities, is that the moderators not having any knowledge about Web3 themself or the project. 

Tip for a strong community

Our tip is stay focus! It’s better to have a strong presence on one platform than to be weak on all social platforms. 

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